Our Philosophy

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to view our website. I love being a chiropractor and health educator. After 35 years in practice, I realize every patient/person is unique and the combination of treatments must be designed specifically for each individual’s condition, sensitivity and age. I am committed to pain relief, optimal health and clinical integrity.

Many people ask me what makes my office different from other practitioners. Here are a few comments we have received through the years:

“Dr. Hartje really believes in patient-centered care. He takes the time to listen and performs thorough exams and treatments. He adapts and modifies the treatment therapies to each individual.”

“I like that Dr. Hartje utilizes both standard and low force spinal manipulation techniques. If neck manipulation is contraindicated or I prefer not to have my neck adjusted with the traditional chiropractic method, he will refrain from performing this type of manipulation and use other effective pain relieving therapies.”

“Dr. Hartje is always willing to have open dialogue and collaborative treatment approaches with my primary care medical doctor.”

“In addition to treatment for musculoskeletal pain/dysfunction, Dr. Hartje offers other clinical preventive health services, health education and individualized health coaching services. This has helped me tremendously to maintain good health through the years.”

We encourage you to click on the icons at the top of the page to discover more details regarding our clinic. If you would prefer to email me with any concerns or questions, our email is [email protected]. When you are trusting the most important possession you have, your health, you must be confident and comfortable with the practitioner you choose.